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This is Alayo

All about you
Do you want to feel self-confident, lively and strong? Finally experience trainings that are perfectly in line with your body and desires? You are at the right place! “Alayo” comes from “all about you” because this is exactly and only about you.
Alayo for Different Stages of Life
holistic personal trainings
your private postnatal training
Yoga/Pilates for your company (Corporate Yoga)
group classes
You will undergo challenging, balancing, pleasant and beneficial lessons. A booster for your body and even for your soul. Now is the time for you and for a new attitude towards life.
More about me
Flow, breathe, and just be.

Personal Training

Finally, Your Perfect Training!
For individuals and couples at Zurich Goldcoast and in the city of Zurich.
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Both you and your current life situation are unique – but not so much your current workouts? Does the following sound familiar:
You have been to group classes that were too demanding or too easy.
You just don’t have the time to go to a studio.
You can’t motivate yourself.
You feel inflexible and tense.
You come up short in your everyday life and lack a connection to yourself.
Your Yearning – Your Desires
You are the most important human being in your life but maybe you don’t live up to it. Do you want to:
feel self-confident in your body?
experience some nice wellness feelings?
feel sexy, strong and relaxed at the same time?
get more than just a sample of happiness after your Yoga practice?
have a training that suits you and your partner perfectly?
The good news is all of this is possible, seriously 🙂!
Personal Training - the Most Efficient Way
I will guide you to a great body sensation from which your soul benefits just as much. You experience full body trainings with elements of Yoga, Pilates, Bodytoning and meditation. It is your training, perfectly fitting to your body and wishes.
Workout with a Friend
Bring along your partner or friend and undergo the magic of a duet personal training. Double the fun and bring your relationship to another level experiencing something new together. At the same time, I can cater to both of your needs.
Your Training – Your Place
Practice live at home (Goldcoast & Zurich City)
via video call (Zoom)
at your desired location
Book your training
60 minutes make the difference.

Your Private Postnatal Training

Have You just Become a Mother?
Yes? My warmest congratulations! You and your body have achieved the incredible in the past weeks and months. And this has left its marks. You might know this:
You are tired and tensed up.
Your body doesn’t feel firm and tight anymore.
As a mama, you sometimes feel lonely.
Social media stresses you out.
Since constantly taking care of someone else, you lost the connection to yourself.
Your Desires and Needs
As newly mother you sometimes come up short and long to
feel self-confident and sexy in your body.
heal from the impact of pregnancy or birth.
relax and take a breather.
be strong, healthy, and agile.
enjoy a full body workout without hesitance and fear.
No worries, all of this is possible, I’m telling you 🙂!
Your Private Postnatal Booster – Exactly for You
I will guide you into a freed up and happy body sensation from which your soul will benefit just as much. I will visit you at home to provide a full body training with elements of
Pilates & Bodytoning
Meditation and relaxation
Your training is perfectly adjusted to you and your wishes – the most effective way for your postnatal training and your future.
Start your postnatal journey
Your time for yourself.

Corporate Yoga – Yoga for Your Company

Corporate Yoga -

Yoga for Your Company

Business Yoga for a happy workplace
Alayo visits your company for regular trainings or special onetime Yoga Workshops. With elements of Yoga and Pilates, everyone of every level will experience a holistic training lifting the mood and overall wellbeing. These Yogasessions will provide happy highlights imbedded in everyday work life for your employees.
Teamspirit rises
Strenght and flexiblity for everyone
Relieve of back pain - and neck tension
Support for overall concentration and stressmanagement
Provide beautiful experiences for your employees for body, mind and teamspirit.
Professional, warmhearted and dynamic
Yoga Workshops for your company
Regular Yoga Classes for your whole company
One-time events for your company or your clients
Let’s get this company moving
Hier anfragen
The groundwork of happiness is health.

Group Classes

Feel the group’s energy and fun. Please note, that group classes will be held in German.
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Pilates – Yoga – Bodytoning
Experience various classes in Pilates, Yoga, and Bodytoning. You will become strong, flexible, and relaxed in both your body and mind. Many sessions are a wonderful blend of Yoga flows combined with invigorating Pilates elements.
A postpartum safe workout (safe with DR)
Have you completed postpartum recovery and want to participate in regular training again? Please check in with me at the beginning of the class, and I will provide you with safe options for abdominal exercises.
Online - Goldcoast & Zurich City
The group classes take place regularly online (via Zoom) and occasionally as special events in Zurich City or the Goldcoast region. For more information about the classes, you can find details in the course description on the schedule.
Schedule and registration
Schedule and registration
Show schedule 

About me

Hi, my name is Seraina Abt. I am the founder and teacher of Alayo. The uniqueness and ability of each body and the flow of breath synchronized with all different kinds of movements fascinate me. My style of teaching is playful and supportive. I love to mix my classes with Yoga nd Pilates elements, combined with a relaxing and meditative ending. Thanks to my joyful, motivational and humorous being I am determined to make each class a happy practice for you.
Because of my teaching experience of several years along with my background as a social worker and coach I have a holistic and understanding approach of teaching. I am excited to get to know you.
Education an Experience
Yoga Teacher (Hatha Yoga und Vinyasa, AYA)
Yin Yogateacher (Tanja Seehöfer)
Pilates Teacher (Akademie für Sport und Gesundheit)
Pilates Prenatal (Pilates Bodymotion)
Pilates Postnatal (Pilates Bodymotion)
Pelvic Floor Training (BeBo)
Gymnastic Teacher (BGB)
Further Education
Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (ZHAW)
Life Coachin / NLP Practitioner (Institute for Excellence)
Natural Skincare Expert (Academia Balance)
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My offers are directed at self-payers.

Personal Training
(60 min)

CHF 140.- Online Personal Training
CHF 170.- Personal Training (Zurich City and Goldcoast, plus additional travel expenses)
CHF 40.- for each additional person

Cancellation less than 24h in advance: CHF 100.-

Group Classes

CHF 25.- Single Class Online
CHF 37.- Single Class in Studio

Corporate Yoga

Rates upon request


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